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We're still in beta. More products coming soon.

How we find the perfect recommendation

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Experts identify the best products

We start by working with top experts in every category to identify the best possible products available. If our experts don't think it's a great product, we won't recommend it to you.

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You share your unique needs with us

Answer simple multiple-choice questions to help us learn your unique needs. Every question you answer helps improve your recommendations.

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We find the perfect recommendation

Our machine-learning algorithm designed by Computer Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley combines your individual needs with our expert reviews to make the perfect recommendation for you.

Why use PerfectRec?


Answer a simple question and get a great recommendation in seconds. There's no need to scroll through thousands of words like on the other sites.


We offer recommendations personalized for you. The other sites offer general recommendations that only try to be good enough for most people


Our recommendations are based entirely on expert analysis and your unique needs. Unlike other review sites, we don't take commissions, kickbacks or affiliate payments ever.
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What products should we add next?

We are adding new products all the time. Is there something you need the perfect rec for? Let us know.

Our mission

Online shopping doesn't have to be a huge waste of time or a battle with scammers.

Getting good recommendations at the right price point is possible. With PerfectRec, we help people to find the right stuff, faster — and make their lives better, easier, less wasteful and a little more perfect.

About us

We're still in Beta

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