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Online recommendations are broken.We're fixing that.

What we do

PerfectRec is a personalized product recommendation site. We ask you simple questions and use a combination of human experts and machine learning to recommend the perfect products for your unique needs.

Why we do it

It's harder than ever to find the right product online. Spammy search results and fake reviews make it nearly impossible to get an honest and smart recommendation. We're solving that problem by combining actual human subject-area experts with machine learning to help everyone — regardless of their expertise — find their perfect product, quickly.

Online shopping doesn't have to be a daunting time-suck, hours spent combing through impenetrable specs and questionable reviews. Getting good products at the right price point is possible. At PerfectRec, we help people to find the right stuff, faster — and make their lives better, easier and a little more perfect.

How we provide perfect recs

Our goal is to provide the perfect recommendation for you — not just another list of the "49 Options You Might Consider." In order to do that, we guide users through a series of questions about what they're looking for. After each answer, we share updated recommendations with you; the more questions you answer, the better our recs get.

When Google or Amazon recommends a product for you, they're using data gathered from your browsing history to guide you toward what other people like you tend to buy. But we're not interested in people like you — we're interested in you, specifically. And ultimately, we get more information about what you need by going straight to the source: you. With a few quick multiple-choice questions, we can make better recommendations, tailored to your individual needs.

What sets us apart from other review sites?

Personalized recommendations

We're not content to provide recommendations that are merely good enough for most people. We combine machine learning and human expertise to provide recommendations personalized for your unique needs.

We solve your problem quickly

We don't give you top 10 lists or long articles to read. Instead, we just ask you the right questions, show you the best options for you, and explain briefly how you should choose based on your needs.

Picture of electronics

Electronics and beyond

We are starting with consumer electronics, like phones, TVs, laptops and headphones. After that, we'll evaluate other product categories such as cars, home appliances, e-bikes and credit cards.

The leadership team

Joe Golden Founder and CEO
Joe Golden
Founder and CEO

Joe is an economist and experienced startup founder. Previously he was a software engineer at Microsoft and an economist at Google and Upwork. A lifelong tech enthusiast, he has a well-honed radar for detecting false claims and marketing nonsense. As the resident skeptic and “gadget guy” in his family, Joe has spent untold hours coaching family members on how to evaluate big purchases and think about major decisions. Now he's building PerfectRec to help everyone cut through the fake reviews and marketing jargon that have made online shopping so hard.

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Lindsey Golden Co-founder, Legal & HR
Lindsey Golden
Co-founder, Legal & HR

Lindsey has a JD from the University of Michigan Law School. She has worked as legal counsel for a number of Indian tribes and as general counsel for Collage.com, where she focused on supplier contracts, employment law and employee benefits.

Our values

Every company has seemingly the same set of generic corporate values. These are a few we believe set us apart.

True Honesty

Honesty isn't just the absence of lying; it's saying what you actually think. If an idea is bad, we say so. If we aren't certain about something, we don't pretend we are.

Open Debate

Solving hard problems requires raising issues, sharing evidence and thoroughly debating potential solutions. We believe respectful and constructive argument is part of the job.

Curiosity and Skepticism

We're curious about the world and skeptical of incumbents, gatekeepers and other defenders of the status quo.

Fun Working Together

We believe a fun workplace is one where people have fun working on hard problems together — not a place with semi-mandatory happy hours.

Problem-First Thinking

We're obsessive about learning everything we can and gathering as much relevant evidence as possible about the problems we're solving. We want to know what's wrong with everything, because that's the only way to solve everything.

No Powerpoint

Powerpoint and other presentation tools discourage actual thinking. We don't use them. Instead, we explain our assumptions and reasoning in writing, using shared documents to allow collaboration and asynchronous feedback.

We Are Maximizers, Not Satisficers

We aim to build the best possible product recommendation service possible, period. We will never stop improving and our mission will never be complete.

Our mission

Online shopping doesn't have to be a huge waste of time.

Getting good products at the right price point is possible. With PerfectRec, we help people to find the right stuff, faster — and make their lives better, easier, and a little more perfect.

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