JBL Tune Flex

JBL Tune Flex

JBL Tune Flex

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Podcasts & Audiobooks:
MUSIC: Good7.3/10
CALLS: Fair6.3/10
GAMING: Very Good8.5/10
TV: Good7.8/10
PODCASTS & AUDIOBOOKS: Excellent9.0/10
EXERCISE: Good7.7/10
AIR TRAVEL: Very Good8.2/10
BUILD QUALITY: Very Good8.5/10
BATTERY: Very Good8.0/10

The JBL Tune Flex earbuds have a stemmed design and a closed enclosure, offering very good overall sound quality and good soundstage. They are comfortable with very good build quality but have only fair noise isolation, which might not be ideal for noisy environments. They are convenient for exercise as they are sweatproof but not as suitable for long travel due to their fair noise isolation. These earbuds excel in gaming because they have a low latency mode, important for syncing audio with gameplay. Additionally, they support a dynamic driver type and active noise cancelling, enhancing the listening experience. However, their microphone quality is rated as poor, which may affect calls and meetings. They have very good built-in controls for managing playback without your device. The JBL Tune Flex is optimized for both Android and Apple devices, and can be customized through an app equalizer and controls. They have a moderate battery life for typical use, but this can be extended with their charging case. They don't support wireless charging, and it takes about two hours to charge them up. The earbuds are somewhat large, and the carry size for them is medium, so they're not the most compact option. They lack virtual surround sound, which can affect the immersiveness for movies and some types of games. In summary, the JBL Tune Flex is better for users looking for very good sound quality with active noise cancelling features who may not prioritize microphone quality for calls or extreme portability for travel. Give Feedback

this description is based on the product variant with some specs. At the time of writing, the variant with some specs cost some dollars.


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  • Good overall sound quality
  • Comfortable fit
  • Low latency mode for gaming
  • Sweatproof for exercises
  • Active noise cancelling feature
  • Poor mic quality
  • Only fair noise isolation
  • No wireless charging
  • Short battery life at 6.5 hours

Ratings by Category

Podcasts & Audiobooks:
This score evaluates the product when used solely to listen to podcasts or audiobooks. It takes into account sound quality and sound signature, to be able to keep voices clear and intelligible. It also considers battery life, when available, and comfort.
This score evaluates the product when used to play videogames. It takes into account wireless latency - the perceived delay between the action on screen and the sounds playing in your ears. The score also considers soundstage quality, whether they have a virtual surround feature, and overall comfort. Finally, the gaming score takes into account microphone quality for in-game voice chat. It’s important to note that the device paired with the earbuds heavily influences their performance in regards to latency or delay.
Air Travel:
This score evaluates the product for use on airplanes and other similar kinds of travel. It takes into account noise reduction and portability, including case shape, case size, and weight. It also incorporates the battery life of the product, long-haul comfort, noise reduction (both active and passive), and sound quality. We generally consider wireless products to be more suitable for air travel.
Battery Life:
The Battery Life rating is based on hours of typical, actual usage.
TV & Video:
This score evaluates the earbuds or headphones when used to watch videos, movies and TV. In the case of wireless products, it takes into account latency - the perceived delay between the action on screen and the sounds playing in your ears. The score also considers soundstage quality, whether they have a virtual surround feature, and overall comfort. It’s important to note that the device paired with the earbuds heavily influences their performance in regards to latency or delay.
This score evaluates the product when used for exercise and physical activity. It mainly takes into account comfort, whether or not the products are sweatproof and how secure are the earbuds or headphones while wearing them. We also consider products with wireless capabilities to be more suitable for this particular scenario
This evaluates the product when used solely to listen to music. It takes into account the sound quality, whether or not they support high quality codecs, their ability to reproduce soundstage, and whether or not it has any virtual surround capabilities.
This evaluates the product when used solely to make and receive calls. It takes into account how well the products are able to clearly reproduce the human voice, the quality of the integrated microphones and the battery life, when available, to be able to use them for longer sessions or conferences.
The Portability score is based on an overall assessment that includes volume and maximum dimension of the product (and case, if relevant), and its weight. Special features like foldability for headphones are also taken into account.

Full Specs

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Release Date
September 1, 2022
Form Factor


Music Score
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Phone Calls Score
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Gaming Score
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TV and Video Score
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Exercise Score
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Battery life
6.5 Hours
Wireless charging
Charging time
2 Hours
Bluetooth version
Case Battery Life


Active Noise Cancelling
Noise Reduction Score
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Virtual Surround
Android App
iOS App
Mic Quality
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Build Quality
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Comfort score
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Weight of single earbud
9 Grams
Microphone style

JBL Tune Flex

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Gabby Bloch | May 2023
"JBL is offering a similar design and arguably better resolution than the more expensive AirPods 3rd Generation. Add to that a comfortable and versatile fit, an equalizer and pretty decent ANC, and you’ve got a quality wireless earphone. I would have loved longer battery life and more crystal calls, but for the price, you can’t complain. A solid deal overall."

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