Hisense 65” LCD 4k Google TV (65U6H)

Hisense 65” LCD 4k Google TV (65U6H)

About the Hisense 65U6H

Price: $598

This is the 65" version of Hisense's midrange U6H line of ULED TVs. It was first released in 2022 and is also available in 50", 55", and 75" versions.

Rachel Jordan
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The U6H is a mid-range ULED TV from Chinese manufacturer Hisense. It was introduced in 2022 to replace their popular U6G line. This TV offers a comprehensive range of HDR formats, including HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision, and is equipped with an LED FALD backlight and above-average brightness levels, making it an excellent option for HDR content viewing. For the US market, it includes Google TV for compatibility with most streaming platforms. However, some quality control issues have been reported and the motion handling and upscaling may not meet expectations for those primarily viewing standard definition or sports content.

Hisense 65U6H Features

Year Released
Screen Size
Screen Type
LCD 60Hz
Operating System
Google TV
TV Tuner
ATSC 1.0
HDMI Ports
Refresh Rate
HDR10 Support
HDR10+ Support
Dolby Vision Support
HLG Support
Screen Score
Gaming Score
Bright Room Score
Weight without Stand
41.2 lbs

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What we like

  • The Hisense U6H is a LED FALD TV that stands out for its affordability, with prices starting under $400 and a range of size options. This makes it an exceptional value, delivering strong performance for a low cost.

  • With above-average brightness and out-of-the-box color accuracy, the Hisense U6H offers solid picture quality for its price point.

  • In the US market, the Hisense U6H uses Google TV, which is considered a better and more customizable option than Roku or FireTV.

What we don't like

  • The Hisense U6H has faced criticism for its subpar quality issues, including software bugs, slow performance, and app crashes. Additionally, the quality of the panels may be affected, with a higher likelihood of encountering issues such as DSE (dirty screen effect) or backlight bleed.

  • The Hisense U6H does not support a refresh rate of 120Hz or have HDMI 2.1, which may be a drawback for hardcore gamers.

  • The Hisense U6H is not recommended for standard definition content consumption due to its poor motion handling and upscaling implementations. It is best suited for Full HD and Ultra HD content.