Hisense U8G (LCD)

Hisense U8G (65" LCD)

Hisense U8G (LCD)

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Bright Room:
PICTURE QUALITY: Very Good8.0/10
MOVIES & TV: Very Good8.0/10
GAMING: Very Good8.3/10
SPORTS: Fair6.4/10
NEWS & TALK: Very Good8.6/10
BRIGHT ROOM: Very Good8.9/10

The Hisense U8G (LCD) is a solid choice for someone looking for high picture quality at an upper-midrange price point. This TV performs well overall and is particularly good for movies and gaming, with support for features gamers value like a high refresh rate and low input lag. However, its sports content performance is only fair, which may be a concern if you frequently watch fast-action sports. It has excellent brightness capabilities, making it a very good choice for bright rooms, but average performance in dark rooms. The TV also supports HDR, Dolby Vision, and has a good color range. It does not excel in wide viewing angles or sound quality; thus, it's not the best choice for wide seating arrangements or if you rely on built-in speakers for audio. With 4 HDMI ports, it has ample connectivity but note that it's not the best suited for use as a computer monitor. Give Feedback

this description is based on the product variant with some specs. At the time of writing, the variant with some specs cost some dollars.


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  • Overall picture quality is very good
  • Gaming performance is very good
  • HDR brightness is very good
  • Reflection handling is very good
  • Colors out of the box are excellent
  • Sports content quality only fair
  • Gray uniformity is average
  • Black uniformity could be better
  • Viewing angle is limited

Ratings by Category

Bright Room:
The Hisense U8G is very good for watching TV in a bright room because it has very good SDR and HDR brightness levels, which means it can produce bright images that stand out even in well-lit environments, and its handling of reflections is also graded as very good, reducing the glare from any lights or windows. While contrast is also strong on this TV, enhancing the depth of images, its great color volume and color gamut ensure vibrant and diverse colors which are still somewhat important for viewing in bright rooms.
News, Talk & Reality TV:
PerfectRec’s news, talk, & other TV score prioritizes upscaling, brightness, contrast, out of the box color accuracy, and screen uniformity. This is because almost all news and talk shows are created in Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) with lower resolutions, such as 720P and 1080P. The purpose of this prioritization is to ensure that lower resolution content looks good on a 4K display and to help you identify which TV will perform best when watching live TV via Cable, Satellite, or Antenna.
Cartoons & Animaton:
The Hisense U8G is exceptional for watching cartoons and animation due to its excellent colors out of the box, which means the TV displays vibrant and accurate colors without the need for calibration. Additionally, the TV has a very good color gamut, allowing it to produce a wide range of colors, enhancing the viewing experience of animated content.
PerfectRec’s gaming score measures a TV's performance when it comes to playing video games. It is based on several factors that can significantly impact the quality of the gaming experience, including screen response time, input lag, and refresh rate. Screen response time is a critical factor that determines how quickly the TV can transition from one color to the next, while input lag measures the delay between the gaming console output and the TV display. Refresh rate refers to the number of times per second that the TV displays a new frame, which can impact the smoothness of the gaming experience. The gaming score also takes into account two other features: local dimming in gaming mode, which can enhance contrast and picture quality, and black frame insertion, which can reduce screen brightness and create a smoother gaming experience.
Movies & TV shows:
The Hisense U8G excels at displaying deep blacks and has excellent contrast, which is crucial for movie watching as it provides a cinematic feel with rich, detailed dark scenes. Its effective local dimming enhances the contrast further, allowing for standout bright elements in dark scenes without washing out the image, making it very suitable for watching movies and cinematic content.
Overall Picture:
PerfectRec developed this proprietary score designed to provide an overall assessment of a display's visual performance. It is a comprehensive metric that takes into account many quantitative measures of picture quality, including: contrast ratio, color gamut, color volume, color accuracy, local dimming, gray uniformity, black uniformity, viewing angle, reflections (glare) and color calibration. By combining multiple factors, this score offers a more nuanced and comprehensive evaluation of a display's capabilities than a single factor.
The Hisense U8G struggles with motion processing which can affect how smooth sports seem, and its narrow viewing angles may cause colors to look washed out when viewed from the side. However, the TV handles reflections very well making it suitable for well-lit rooms, and response time is good, meaning there's little motion blur in fast-moving scenes.

Full Specs

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Release Date
May 2, 2021
Full name
Screen Size
Screen Resolution


Operating System
Android TV
Sound Quality Score
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NextGen Ready
HDMI Ports
Coax Ports


Picture Quality Score
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Bright Room Score
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Gaming Score
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Movies & TV Score
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Sports Score
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Dimensions w/o Stand (H x W x D)
33.1" x 57.1" x 4.1"
Dimensions with Stand (H x W)
35.6" x 57.1"
Weight without Stand
53.4 lbs
VESA Mount
400 x 400


Color Depth
10 bit
Black Frame Insertion
Auto Low Latency Mode
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Local Dimming
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Speaker Setup
Speaker Power
20 W
Dolby Atmos
Yes, Bypass only


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