Sony 85” LCD 4k Android TV (XR-85X90K)

Sony 85” LCD 4k Android TV (XR-85X90K)

About the Sony XR-85X90K

Price: $1,998

This is the 85" version of Sony's midrange X90K line of LCD TVs. It was first released in 2022 and is also available in 55", 65" and 75" versions.

Rachel Jordan
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The Sony X90K was introduced in 2022 as an update to the popular X90J model. This TV offers a well-rounded experience for sports fans, gamers, and movie/series enthusiasts. Sony is known for its exceptional motion processing and upscaling algorithms, and the X90K continues that tradition. Fast-moving sports appear clear, and the TV's FALD backlight allows for deep blacks and high contrast. The X90K also supports modern gaming with its 120Hz refresh rate, VRR, ALLM, and HDMI 2.1 capabilities, and offers excellent upscaling for retro gaming. While there may be objectively better options in the same price range for smaller 55" and 65" models, like the LG B2, the X90K becomes a better value for bigger screen sizes, as OLEDs become more expensive at sizes larger than 65".

Sony XR-85X90K Features

Year Released
Screen Size
Screen Type
LCD 120Hz
Operating System
Android TV
TV Tuner
ATSC 3.0
HDMI Ports
Refresh Rate
HDR10 Support
HDR10+ Support
Dolby Vision Support
HLG Support
Screen Score
Gaming Score
Bright Room Score
Weight without Stand
100.9 lbs

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What we like

  • The Sony X90K features Sony's top-notch motion processing and image upscaling, making it an excellent option for sports fans. For those who enjoy retro gaming, the TV's upscaling capabilities will be appreciated.

  • Sony has one of the best implementations of Google TV, which is known for being smooth and bug-free. When compared to LG WebOS and Samsung TizenOS, Google TV is often considered the best smart TV software.

  • Although the X90K is not a miniLED FALD TV, its FALD implementation offers superior local dimming algorithms, providing deeper blacks and improved overall picture quality while watching movies and TV series.

What we don't like

  • Cost. At smaller sizes, the X90K has a similar price tag to some OLED TVs with better picture quality.

  • Although the X90K is reasonably bright, it may not perform as well as similarly priced miniLED FALD TVs in very bright rooms.

  • The viewing angles of the X90K are not as wide as other TVs, so it may not be the best choice for large rooms where people are viewing the TV from an angle.