Samsung’s Galaxy S24 lineup tops the iPhone in customer satisfaction for the first time

February 9, 2024
Wally Nowinski

The PerfectRec Reviews Team analyzed early customer reviews for the Samsung’s Galaxy S24 lineup and found extremely high levels of customer satisfaction that top the latest generation of iPhone for the first time ever. 

So far, early adopters of the Samsung S24 lineup have left extremely positive reviews, with 91% of users giving the base model Galaxy S24 five stars, and 88% giving top marks to the S24 Ultra. These customer satisfaction numbers are much higher than any previous Samsung generation of Samsung Galaxy S phones. We’ve included the last five generations below, but you can see the full history of Galaxy S satisfaction in our earlier study. The jump in customer satisfaction from the S23 to S24 is statistically significant for both the Galaxy S and Galaxy S Ultra (p < 0.05 using a proportions test).

Percent of user reviews that are five stars


Galaxy S 

Galaxy S Ultra
















Galaxy S tops iPhone in customer satisfaction across all models 

The surge in customer satisfaction for the latest generation of Samsung Galaxy S comes at a time when the premium models of the latest iPhone 15 generation have received poor marks according to PerfectRec’s iPhone Satisfaction Tracker. But this is not just a case of the iPhone 15 Pro Max getting poor marks. All three models in the S24 lineup have higher customer satisfaction than the comparable iPhone 15. 

iPhone and Galaxy S satisfaction by model



iPhone 15 / Galaxy S24



15 Plus / S24 Plus



15 Pro Max / S24 Ultra



Early iPhone reviews are sometimes more negative 

One of the takeaways we have found tracking iPhone satisfaction over time is that the reviews from early adopters are sometimes more negative than those left a few months after release. We suspect this might be due to the fact that early adopters are enthusiasts who are more familiar with recent models and can be disappointed if incremental improvements don’t seem impressive. It is possible this is purely an Apple phenomenon, and early Galaxy S adopters behave differently. While there are a large number of early Galaxy S24 reviews, it is still possible that satisfaction will change over time. We will be keeping an eye on that over coming months and will publish an update if satisfaction changes. 


  • We scrape Google reviews for each phone model submitted by a range of merchants, including Best Buy, Verizon, AT&T and others. 

  • Overall satisfaction is presented as percent of reviewers that give the product five stars on a five-star scale.

  • Samsung Galaxy S Satisfaction history is based on over 177,000 user reviews left between 2020 and present, including over 2,750 for the S24 series.

  • iPhone satisfaction history is based on over 140,000 user reviews for the base model and iPhone Pro Max between September 2019 and present. For more on iPhone 15 satisfaction, visit our iPhone Satisfaction Tracker.

  • Ratings are for the lowest storage configuration available for each model, since these are generally the best selling options and have the most reviews.  

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