Release Notes 7.12.2022

July 12, 2022
Wally Nowinski

Today’s release includes a number of revisions to our cell phone decision engine as well as new features aimed at better explaining our cell phone recommendations. 

Changes to the cell phone decision engine

  • Reduced the number of questions in the cell phone decision engine from six to five.

  • Reworded questions on battery life and camera quality to improve clarity.

  • Revised the cell phone decision engine to improve recommendation quality.

New recommendation explanations 

  • We’ve introduced a new recommendation explanation feature. After a user has answered two questions, we start adding inline context to each recommendation to help highlight how the recommendations match or diverge from their preferences and compare to one another.

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  • Special rocks

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  • Teletubby

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  1. Fossilized helix

  2. Blue candle

Dan Polant

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Convenient if you are returning a rental car.
  • As the user answers more questions, we add more inline explanations. 

Multiple Explanations
  • The explanations highlight both ways a recommendation is a good fit and also ways a recommendation may not exactly meet a user’s preferences. 

  • Inline explanations will also highlight which recommendation has the best of a specific attribute of all three recs: for example, "best camera" or "lowest cost." We will also highlight if a recommendation doesn't meet a user's specific needs, but is still the best option available given their other preferences.

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