Release Notes 8.2.2022

Wally Nowinski

This week’s release includes improvements to our recommendation explanations, the introduction of sharing features, and a new homepage. 


We launched our homepage. This will function as the primary navigation for browsing our first few product recommendation engines: phones, TVs and laptops. 

Recommendation Stats

We’ve added product statistics and information to the backside of our recommendation cards. Currently we display six stats for cell phones.

  • Screen size

  • Battery score

  • Camera score

  • Year released

  • Number of cameras

  • Optical zoom 

There are also info modals to explain what factors our battery and camera score ratings consider. 


We know that sometimes you want to get a second opinion on our recommendations before making a purchase. Our sharing feature makes that easy to do. The sharing link generates a unique page that includes your product preferences as well as what items we recommended. That way the tech expert in your life can easily give you feedback on whether or not our recommendations hit the mark. (we hope they did!).

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Image representing product recommendations