CHART: The price history of the Samsung Galaxy S, adjusted for inflation

September 20, 2023
Wally Nowinski

Is the Samsung Galaxy S line getting more expensive over time? We decided to adjust look at the inflation-adjusted price of every Samsung Galaxy S line to find out.

The chart above looks at the starting U.S. price for the lowest memory version of each phone. We used the unsubsidized price and relied heavily on this great price history from Android Authority as a resource. There are a lot of Samsung Galaxy S variants. We tried to cover a broad range of Samsung's offerings but chose to omit some models that were very short lived, low volume or restricted to individual carriers.


  • We looked at the U.S. retail price for phones without a carrier subsidy. Samsung Galaxy S pricing draws heavily from Android Authority's excellent price history article. In all cases, we looked at the lowest cost version of each phone, without any memory upgrades.

  • Inflation adjustments are made using the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator comparing July of the launch year to July 2023, the last month for which data is available. 

  • Comparison bar chart was made using Venngage.

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