Vision Pro Affordability Index

June 15, 2023
Rachel Jordan

Last week, Apple announced the Vision Pro, their long-anticipated AR/VR device. The headset comes packed with new features that Apple says could change computing, as well as a price tag that's so high it made the audience gasp during the reveal event. 

PerfectRec crunched the data on how affordable, or unaffordable, the Vision Pro is. To do that, we looked at average earnings in all 50 US states to calculate how many days someone earning the average wage would have to work to purchase a Vision Pro.

Days of work required to buy the Vision Pro

The Vision Pro costs 77% of the median American’s monthly pay of $4,510. The calculus is different in Alabama, for example, where the average worker would need to labor for 23 days in order to afford the device. The average worker in Washington DC would have to work 10.5 days.

Days of work required to buy a vision Pro.
Days of work required to buy a vision Pro.

States where the Vision Pro cost more than the median monthly salary

The Vision Pro's price tag exceeds the median monthly salary in 25 states.


States where the Vision Pro is more expensive than the average monthly mortgage payment

In 49 states, the Vision Pro is more expensive than the average monthly mortgage payment. Hawaii was the only exception.


Methodology: US median earnings by state for 2021 is from Wikipedia. Housing data is from Lending Tree's Average Monthly Housing Payments Index.

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