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March 24, 2024
Wally Nowinski

Samsung Galaxy S Reviews Come Back to Earth as More Customers Try Latest Models 

March 2024 Update: 

The early customer reviews for Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series were stellar. More than 91% of early adopters who received their phones in the first weeks they were available rated the Galaxy S24 five stars, and 88% gave top marks to the Galaxy S24 Ultra. However, as more customers have gotten to try out Samsung’s latest flagship Android customer satisfaction has declined markedly. 

In February, the first full month the S24 series was available in retail stores, just 69.5% of reviewers rated the base model S24 five stars. The S24 Ultra fared a bit better, with 78.1% rating it five stars in February, down from 89.6% in January. Reviews for the S24+ were in the middle, with 71.9% rating it five stars in February. 

Here is how approval of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series has changed since release. 



S24 Ultra













*Samsung started accepting orders for the S24 series shortly after the phone was announced on January 17, 2024. Many customers who ordered early received their phones in late January, before the retail release on January 31, 2024. Most of the ~2000 reviews left in January were likely from customers who ordered online shortly after the announcement. 

FanBoys vs Retail Customers 

It is not uncommon for early adopters to have a different view of a product than general customers. We saw this phenomenon with the iPhone 15. However, with the iPhone, early adopters were more critical of the phone than customers who purchased it a few months after release. In our February update to our iPhone Customer Satisfaction Tracker, we hypothesized that early iPhone adopters had more familiarity with recent models and might have had higher expectations for a new release. 

“We suspect the early adopter phenomenon might also be responsible for the large changes in satisfaction rates on the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models between September and October. Early adopters may have had higher expectations for the phones and been somewhat disappointed by incremental upgrades than people who bought later in the cycle and may have been upgrading from older models.”
PerfectRec iPhone Satisfaction Tracker

With the Samsung Galaxy S24, we are seeing the opposite trend. The Galaxy S was available for purchase in retail stores on January 31st. However, many customers who ordered online shortly following the announcement received their phones in late January, prior to the retail release. In total, about 8.5% of all customer reviews for the S24 series were left in January, likely by early adopters who ordered online or lined up on launch day to buy one in a store. 

These reviews were much more positive than customers who reviewed their phones in February or March. While it is not possible from the data we have to know when a person purchased the phone, only when they left a review, we suspect what is going on here is not that opinions of the S24 rapidly decline with use, but rather that people who purchased it early were Samsung Galaxy S fanboys who were excited about the new phone and eager to share positive reviews about it. 

How Samsung S24 Satisfaction Compares to Earlier Generations 

The table below shows cumulative customer satisfaction for recent Galaxy S generations since their launch. As more reviews have come in, satisfaction for the S24 generation has dropped below the S23 for all models. 




















The S24 No Longer Enjoys Higher Satisfaction than the iPhone 15

In February, we published an article highlighting the fact that the S24 generation enjoyed higher customer satisfaction than the latest iPhone model for the first time ever. That study was based on several thousand reviews left in the first three weeks after the S24 launch. We knew early adopters might view a product differently than normal customers, but we had incorrectly assumed this would follow the same trend we had observed for iPhones with early reviewers being more critical. This turned out to be incorrect. 

Early Galaxy customers are cheerleaders whereas early iPhone purchasers are some of Apple’s harshest critics. 

About The Samsung Galaxy S24 Customer Satisfaction Tracker

The iPhone is one of the most successful consumer products in history, but that doesn’t mean everybody loves it or that every single model gets a rapturous reception. At PerfectRec, we are obsessed with tracking and understanding customer review data since that is part of helping consumers find the best phone for their needs.

Our hope is that tracking Galaxy S satisfaction over time will help give consumers, reporters, and enthusiasts a more accurate picture of how users are reacting to the Galaxy S and give context to complaints and problems that inevitably arise. 

The PerfectRec Galaxy S Satisfaction Tracker will be updated monthly and will track the current model year. In the future, we will include monthly comparisons to previous generations. 


  • We scrape Google reviews for each Samsung Galaxy S model submitted by a range of merchants, including Best Buy, Verizon, AT&T and others. 

  • Overall satisfaction is presented as percent of reviewers that give the product five stars on a five-star scale.

  • Ratings are for the lowest storage configuration available for each model, since these are generally the best selling options and have the most reviews.  

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