45% of the reviews at the Oakland In-N-Out in 2023 mentioned being robbed

January 21, 2024
Wally Nowinski

In-N-Out Burger announced they are closing their store at 8300 Oakport St. in Oakland, California. In their announcement, In-N-Out emphasized that the store was profitable, but constant spate of robberies in the parking lot made it an unsafe place for their employees and customers. This is the first location In-N-Out has ever closed in California.

We analyzed the 5,548 reviews customers have left on Google Maps to see if we could see any patterns in customer reports of robbery and theft. The results are both shocking and consistent with the reports of robberies at gas stations in the area.

From 2018 to 2021, fewer than 1% of all user reviews mentioned being robbed. That changed in 2022 when 11% of reviews mention being robbed. By 2023, 45% of all reviews mentioned break-ins in the parking lot. In-N-Out fandom is strong enough that some of the victims still gave the restaurant 5 stars.

Good burger though

In-N-Out's announcement comes after we published studies looking at the robbery situation at the most dangerous gas station in America as well as the surrounding neighborhood where In-N-Out is located. Mentions of crime in this neighborhood in Google reviews has exploded since late 2022.

As an In-N-Out fan, I'm sad to see a location close to my home closing, but am also surprised it took the company this long. There have been constant reports of brazen robberies at this location in Google reviews for at least 18 months. It's safe to assume this is just a fraction of what the store management sees.

A selection of recent reviews mentioning robbery

"People were breaking into cars and the girls got our order wrong" - 4 Stars


"Don't risk your personal safety or property. Witnessed 1 vehicle broke into within my first 4 minutes of being there. Then another crew came in and did 4 more smash n grabs 12 minutes later. It's not safe. Security was helpless and only records incident on their phone" - 1 Star


"We watched our vehicle get broken into last night while eating. The food and service were great, but definitely not worth it in comparison to the damage done to the vehicle and items stolen. Stay safe; keep your belongings. Avoid this location." - 1 Star


"AVOID THIS IN&OUT. We were INSIDE our car and someone pulled up behind us, blocking us in and opened the hatch and stole our bags. The security guard just watched. This location seriously needs to close if it’s an ongoing issue. Super disappointed" - 1 Star


"This In-N-Out food was great, problem was the smash and grabs crime if you didn't want to wait in a 20-30 vehicle wait for drive through. The crime in Oakland is very brazen and out in the open, so becareful." - 5 Stars


"Our car got broken into not even 30 seconds into us stepping into the restaurant and we had arround 6000 worth of goods stolen, do not stop in here under and circumstances" - 1 Star


"DO NOT PARK HERE. We parked and went in to order and our car was immediately broken into and our stuff stolen. Even when we ran out shouting at them, they kept breaking windows and taking stuff. DO NOT VISIT unless you want to see how smash and grabs work first hand." - 1 Star


"My first time to visit this place and I got broken windows! I don’t recommend this location." - 4 Stars


"Very dangerous parking lot. I was robbed in broad daylight yesterday in front of their security guard. When I asked him if he was going to help me he replied "I'm not risking my life for you". This location in Oakland is very dangerous, avoid it if you can. Just know I warned you!!!" - 1 Star


"AVOID THIS LOCATION AT ALL COSTS. Like many others before us, our car was broken into and stuff stolen in broad daylight. The security told us car break-ins happen here on the daily. Never coming back here again. Traumatizing experience." - 1 Star


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