Apple iPhone 14 Plus vs Google Pixel 8

iPhone 14 PlusVS
Pixel 8

Key differences

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Apple iPhone 14 Plus wins


The Apple iPhone 14 Plus has 9.3 hours of battery life. The Google Pixel 8 has 7.3 hours of battery life.
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Worse BatteryBetter Battery

Screen Size

The Apple iPhone 14 Plus has a screen size of 6.7 inches and the Google Pixel 8 is 6.2 inches.
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How the Apple iPhone 14 Plus and the Google Pixel 8 compare to other phones

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Spec Comparison

Apple iPhone 14 PlusGoogle Pixel 8
Apple iPhone 14 PlusGoogle Pixel 8


Operating System
Year Released
6.33" x 3.07"5.93" x 2.79"


Screen Size
2778 x 12842400 x 1080
Pixels Per Inch
Display Type
Refresh Rate


Camera Score
Rear Cameras
Main, UltrawideMain, Ultrawide
Main Camera
12 megapixels + OIS50 megapixels + OIS
Ultrawide Field Of View
Selfie Camera
12 megapixels10.5 megapixels
Max Video Frame Rate
60fps @ 4k60fps @ 4k


Battery Life
9.3 Hours7.3 Hours
Battery Capacity
4325 mAh4575 mAh
Wireless Charging


Internal Storage
128 GB128 GB
6 GB8 GB


Headphone Jack
Stock Android
Unlockable Bootloader
NoYes (Except Verizon Models)
Blue, Purple, Yellow, Midnight, Starlight, RedRose, Hazel, Obsidian
SD Card

Comparison summary

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Comparison Summary
Better Camera Roughly equal
Better BatteryApple iPhone 14 Plus
Better ScreenApple iPhone 14 Plus
Better performanceApple iPhone 14 Plus


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Apple iPhone 14 Plus

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The Verge

Allison Johnson | October 2022
"If it’s time for an upgrade and you’ve been eyeing the big iPhone, but you’d rather get the best battery life possible than the very latest features, then the iPhone 14 Plus is for you. You get a significant boost in battery life, no matter what iPhone you’re upgrading from. That’s a combination of features that a lot of people will find appealing, and the 14 Plus delivers on its promises."

Google Pixel 8

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The Guardian

Samuel Gibbs | October 2023
"The fit, finish and feel is top notch. The phone is responsive and smooth. The battery life is decent. The main camera is excellent but the lack of an extended optical zoom is slightly disappointing, even if it has been a similar formula for Google for several years. The 6.2in screen moves the Pixel 8 closer to the underserved market of smaller but top-end phones, of which there are only a handful to choose from. Google’s generative AI features are certainly novel, but it is the extended seven-year software support that truly sets it apart."

About Apple

The tech giant called Apple is synonymous with the most popular smartphone in the world: the iPhone. Known for their build quality and aesthetics, as well as for their excellent integration between hardware and software, iPhones have defined the smartphone industry ever since their conception and they continue to do so by setting new industry standards. Apple's own operating system, called iOS, is known for its simplicity and ease of use, and the company tends to complement it well by creating devices with some of the most powerful processing hardware available in the mobile world. The iPhone is also known for its robust ecosystem of accessories, as it facilitates a very seamless experience when interacting with other Apple products, more so than most of its competitors.

About Google

Google can be considered a relatively new player in the smartphone industry, joining as late as 2016 with their phone, the Google Pixel. Since then, the Pixel lineup has undergone many changes, but it has always been characterized by a focus on photography and clean software, by providing a pure Android experience. By virtue of Google being the creator of the Android operating system, Pixels are known for receiving timely software updates and for being supported with updates for a long time. Additionally, over the past few generations of devices, Google started designing their own processors. This allowed for the implementation of unique software features that are not present in any other phone, such as automatic call screening and unique voice transcribing capabilities.

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