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Edge (2020)VS
Moto G100
$300Out of stock
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Company ProductName Specs

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Updated January 10, 2024·

If you're looking for a more affordable phone with a good screen, the Motorola Edge (2020) is less expensive and offers an OLED display, which generally provides better contrast and colors compared to the LCD screen on the Moto G100. However, if you prioritize battery life and newer hardware, the Moto G100 has a larger battery and a more powerful processor which can be better for gaming or intensive tasks. Both phones have the same screen size, a similar camera setup, and plastic bodies. They both run Android but have different release years, with the Edge being older. Keep in mind the Edge has an under-display fingerprint scanner and a headphone jack, while the G100 has a side-mounted fingerprint scanner and supports Motorola's "Ready For" platform, which might sway your decision based on convenience or multimedia needs. Give Feedback

this description is based on the product variant with some specs and product variant with some specs. At the time of writing, the variant with some specs cost some dollars and the variant with some specs cost some dollars.

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Key differences

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7.8 Hours
Edge (2020)
Moto G100
7.1 Hours
The Motorola Edge (2020) has 7.8 hours of battery life. The Motorola Moto G100 has 7.1 hours of battery life.
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Key similarities

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Overall Camera Quality

Edge (2020)
Moto G100
The Motorola Moto G100 and Motorola Edge (2020) both have poor overall cameras quality.

Photo Quality

Edge (2020)
Moto G100
The Motorola Moto G100 and Motorola Edge (2020) both have poor photos.

Video Quality

Edge (2020)
Moto G100
The Motorola Moto G100 and Motorola Edge (2020) both have poor videos.

Screen Size

The Motorola Edge (2020) has a screen size of 6.7 inches and the Motorola Moto G100 is 6.7 inches.


Edge (2020)
Moto G100
Product imageProduct image








The Motorola Edge (2020) has a price of $300 and the Motorola Moto G100 costs $300.

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Spec Comparison

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Motorola Edge (2020)Motorola Moto G100
Motorola Edge (2020)Motorola Moto G100


Operating System
Release Date
May 29, 2020April 15, 2021


Screen Size
2340 x 10802520 x 1080
Variable refresh rate
Pixels Per Inch
Display Type


Internal Storage
256 gb128 gb
4 gb8 gb


Overall Camera Quality Score
Photos Score
Videos Score
Rear Cameras
Main, Ultrawide, TelephotoMain, Ultrawide
Main Camera
64 megapixels64 megapixels


Battery Life
7.8 hours7.1 hours
Battery Capacity
4500 mah5000 mah
Wireless Charging
Wireless charging Speed
0 w0 w
Reverse wireless charging


6.36" x 2.8"6.63" x 2.91"
6.63 oz7.30 oz
Back Material
Stereo Speakers


Dual SIM
Bluetooth Version
WiFi Version
US 5G Bands
(SA/NSA/Sub6)1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 25, 28, 38, 41, 66, 71, 78 (SA/NSA/Sub6)1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 28, 38, 41, 66, 77, 78


Biometric unlock
Fingerprint sensor: Under DisplayFace unlock, Fingerprint sensor: Side
Unlockable Bootloader
Solar BlackIridescent Sky, Iridescent Ocean, Slate Gray
Stock Android
SD Card

Comparison summary

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Comparison Summary
Better Camera Roughly equal
Better BatteryMotorola Edge (2020)
Better performanceMotorola Moto G100


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Motorola Edge (2020)

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Tom Bedford | July 2020
"The Motorola Edge has a battery that won’t leave you wanting, whether you just want to take some pictures, or play games and record videos for much of the day, so if you don’t want to worry about having to top up your device all the time, the Edge might be a good choice. Leaving aside its impressive specs and features, the Motorola Edge just looks pretty good, and it feels great in the hand too, so if ‘style’ is a factor in your phone-buying decisions the Edge is well worth a look."

Motorola Moto G100

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Mike Lowe | March 2021
"A budget gaming-capable phone that foregoes the AMOLED screen hype and camera cost implications to deliver a half-price near-flagship that, in use, adds up to oh so much more. Even plugging away at games for hours at a time doesn't cause too much trouble where battery is concerned. The 5,000mAh cell is a big part of the reason for the G100's above average weight, but it's a great capacity to have at your fingertips."

About Motorola

Motorola, a well-known name in the smartphone world, has a long-standing legacy in the industry, with a history dating back to the early days of mobile phones. The brand is mostly known for striking a balance between affordability and functionality, as well as providing a clean and straightforward interface with their software skin on top of Android. While they have traditionally been prominent in the budget and midrange categories, Motorola has also occasionally ventured into the high-end category for smartphones.

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